Vision & Values

mission and values 1

‘St Mary’s Infant School is committed to inspiring every individual.  We embed the Christian value of love across school life because we believe that a person who feels loved, secure and happy can flourish. We encourage everyone to achieve their potential, develop their talents, celebrate their uniqueness and rejoice in their relationships with others.’

'Do Everything in Love' 1 Corinthians 16:14

St Mary’s CE Infant School is a community committed to the flourishing and well-being of all its members, both children and adults.

At St Mary's our core value is love. We share this value daily through our motto,

‘Together we love to learn and learn to love’

and through our school rules:

We are ready to learn

We are respectful to each other and school property

We keep ourselves safe in and out of school and online

We celebrate our core value through our daily acts of collective worship where children are encouraged to share and develop their own spiritual understanding.  During our Friday ‘Celebration Assembly’ love certificates and hearts are awarded to those members of our school community who have notably lived our vision. These certificates can be awarded by and given to both children and staff.