If you would like a paper copy of the policies below, or copies of any other school policies, please contact the school office.

Download Accessibility Audit and Plan May 2023

Download Anti-bullying Policy Nov 2022

Download Attendance Policy Sept 2023

Download Request for Absence Form

Download Behaviour Policy Oct 2022

Download Charging & Remissions Policy July 2023

Download Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sept 2023

Download Collective Worship Policy

Download Complaints Policy July 2023

Download Communication Guide for Parents and Carers Policy

Download Confidentiality Policy

Download Data Protection Policy

Download E-Safety Policy

Download Privacy Statement

Download PSHE Policy

Download Equality Policy March 2023

Download Equalites Objectives 2023-2026

Download Freedom of Information Policy

Download Health and Safety Policy Nov 2022

Download Home/School Agreement Policy

Download Intimate Care Policy

Download Lettings Policy Sept 2023

Download Maths Policy 2022

Download Mobile Phone and Camera Use Policy

Download Phonics Policy May 2022

Download Relationships and Health Education Policy Feb 2022

Download Religious Education (RE) Policy

Download Remote Learning Policy

Download Risk Assessment Policy

Download Social Media Policy

Download Special Educational Needs Policy

Download Supporting Children with Medical Needs Sept 2023

Download Suspensions and Permanent Exclusions Policy Sept 2023

Download St Mary's Plan for Future Covid Outbreaks Reviewed January 2022

Download Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy

Download Visitors In School Policy Nov 2022

Download Whistleblowing Policy